Nome: Louis Gebala
E-mail: louisgebala[at]
Messaggio: I wanted to express our sincerest thank you to your winery and dining room staff at Verrazzano for the wonderful hospitality we were shown during our recent visit. Everyone was wonderfully accomodating of our schedule and needs. We really appreciated the service and the welcome into your home. We look forward to hearing from you about any upcoming events, new releases, and availability. Grazie, i Ciao! Louis

Nome: Jack Heacock
E-mail: jeheacock[at]
Messaggio: Dear Verrazzano Staff, I want to thank you for the exceptional visit 8 of us had at the Castello Verrazzano last week. The tour and tasting with light lunch exceeded our expectations. I look forward to the case of Chianti Classico Riserva that we bought. Sincerely, Jack D. Heacock Bristol Virginia USA

Nome: Roland Matteson
E-mail: pitbrg1[at]
Messaggio: My wife and I and two friends visited Castello di Verrazzano on January 24th and did "The Wine & Food Experience" and was amazing and the tour guide was fantastic. we all can't wait to return to Italy. Thank you for a fantastic day and lunch. Roland Matteson Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.

Nome: Sherry
E-mail: alpat[at]
Messaggio: I was here 1 week ago and by far the best day I ever spent in Italy. I want to visit again. The tour was amazing and the tour guide was the absolute best. I was there with my daughter and her friend. Unbelievable experience to say the least. Regards, Sherry

Nome: Anders Holmner
E-mail: holmner[at]
Messaggio: Hi! Me and my parents stayed and visited your wine castle between 24-27 aug. Just want to write and say that we were very satisfied. The breakfast was spot on and the chef was very service-minded and acctually asked us if everything was "ok" when we ate breakfast. Very nice. All the staff was very nice and we felt very welcomed. Genuine and pleasant. We took the wine-tour that started at 11:00. That was very, very good. The guide was spot on. Very friendly and she talked so that was no problem to understand. The wine and the food at the end of that tour was fantasic! Even today I remember the taste and the pleasure to join that tour. I can really recommend you to family and friends. The only thing i missed was perhaps a real aircondition in the rooms. Next time I will bring another suitcase so i can bring more wine to Sweden. Yours sincerely Anders Holmner Helsingborg Sweden

Nome: Carol Goldstein
E-mail: goldielox913[at]
Messaggio: My husband and I had the pleasure of visiting the Castle late September of this year on a Globus Tour. Our first trip to Europe, certainly Italy. We wanted to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in a special way. We absolutely accomplished that by being at the castle. We brought home with us olive oil and wine. Plan on serving my family the wine at Christmas! Everything was delicious and the Chianti landscape is truly beautiful. Thank you for the wonderful memories!

Nome: John Pavlo
E-mail: drpavlo[at]
Messaggio: My wife and my 2 young sons visited Castello di Verazzano as part of a tour with the Ormco Company and it proved to be the highlight of our trip. Gino was informative, caring, funny and entertaining. My 3 and 5 year old sons still talk about him and the wine. Grazie Gino!

Nome: Anders Holmner
E-mail: holmner[at]
Messaggio: Hi!Me and my parents stayed and visited your wine castle between 24-27 aug. Just want to write and say that we were very satisfied. The breakfast was spot on and the chef was very service-minded and acctually asked us if everything was "ok" when we ate breakfast. Very nice. All the staff was very nice and we felt very welcomed. Genuine and pleasant. We took the wine-tour that started at 11:00. That was very, very good. The guide was spot on. Very friendly and she talked so that was no problem to understand. The wine and the food at the end of that tour was fantasic! Even today I remember the taste and the pleasure to join that tour.Yours sincerely Anders Holmner Helsingborg Sweden

Nome: Brighdin Needham
E-mail: brighdin[at]
Messaggio: My husband and myself visited Castello di Verazano recently, as part of our honeymoon tour of Italy. Ellena (hope I have spelt it right) our guide was amazing, best in Italy, and we did a lot of tours!! Still have a few bottles so being back in the UK doesn't seem so bad! We spent 8 days on Lake Garda after our visit and used a full bottle of olive oil, so so nice, I could drink it!!

Nome: Carol Checchia Luszczak
E-mail: cluszczak[at]
Messaggio: Visited in July while on a Globus Tour. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Italy!

Nome: Addy Edwards
E-mail: maryadelineedwards[at]
Messaggio: Had a wonderful time at Castello di Verrazzano! The castle and wine was fabulous, but I think my favorite part was our awesome tour guide Simone!

Nome: lana yakimoff
E-mail: lana.yakimoff[at]
Messaggio: a lovely day touring the castle followed by wine tasting! bello ciao xo

Nome: Carol
E-mail: cbean456[at]
Messaggio: We had the pleasure of touring your beautiful castle and cellars. We loved the wine and are saving what we bought for our "Tuscan" dinner party we are planning. The spice packets are incredible as well. Thank you for letting us experience this amazing place.

Nome: Rob Kozlowski
E-mail: rmkoz[at]
Messaggio: We visited the winery on a tour from Globus April 2011. Just fabulous. The classico was perfect. Not too dry and not sweet. Typically I am a beer drinker, or white wine drinker. This was absolutely recommended by me and all the others on our tour. Five stars...

Nome: Ghassan Marie
E-mail: gus[at]
Messaggio: Everything on the tour of Castello di Verrazzano was fantastic. Our guide taught us a ton about the history of the tuscany region and about wine. The dinner provided was awesome combination of food, wine, and olive oil tasting. I was a company by friends who also had a great experience. It was really a highlight of our trip to Florence and would recommend to anyone. Keep the good work, Ghassan Marie Canada 2011

Nome: Jon E. Ekstrom
E-mail: jee[at]
Messaggio: I was at Castello di Verrazzano for wine tasting several years ago and would like to book another tasting experience for September or October, 2011.

Nome: Jill Law
E-mail: jmlpalencia[at]
Messaggio: We are SOO excited to try the wine dinner this coming July! You really ought to have a Facebook page... great advertising! Jill

Nome: Nichole Grady
E-mail: enthompson22[at]
Messaggio: I visited in October with my company (InterMetro/Metro). My husband and myself just absolutely love your place. Thank you so much for opening up your doors for us all! Nichole Grady

Nome: Sondra Polizzi Murphy
E-mail: spmurfy[at]
Messaggio: We visited Verrazzano in October '07 and bought several bottles of wine. One was the Chianti Classico Riserva 2004. I saved it for a special day and opened it this Christmas Eve for the family. We all really enjoyed it and I wished I had bought more. Thank you for a wonderful memory of a lovely place and great wine.

Nome: Edmond Schmidt
E-mail: everready[at]
Messaggio: Hello, excuse me if I write in English. Although I now live in Italy, I am still not yet 100% comfortable with the written language. Hopefully you will understand. A few weeks ago a Canadian friend of mine visited me in my home in the Marches region of Italy. I spent some time showing him around some of the beautiful historical towns overlooking the Adriatic coast. There we had the pleasure of meeting a local artisan, and after many shared stories, he presented us with a present of two bottles of your Chianti Classico Riserva. He warned us that being from 1962 they would either be fantastic or vinegar. Fantastic is an understatement. To our delight and amazement we enjoyed two of the most beautiful bottles of wine imaginable. Accompanied with some Olive Ascolane it was pure heaven. My friend, after having returned back to Canada, wrote to me, pointing out that our evening together with that near 50 year old wine, was the highlight of his trip. I would like to take this moment to thank you, and send along my sincere compliments.
Keep up the good work, best regards, Edmond Schmidt


Nome: Jeff Mills
E-mail: jdmills70[at]
Messaggio: Been to Napa & Sonoma and Bordeaux... the Food & Wine Experience is by far the best Winery trip we've ever had!

Nome: Evelyn Jaskoski
E-mail: ljaskoski[at]
Messaggio: Our family had the best meal of our trip at the Cantinetta last month! The food was superb and the manager a wonderful host. We will definitely plan a tour of the winery our next trip to Italy!

Nome: Mark Clements
E-mail: markcpuck[at]
Messaggio: My wife and I recently toured the Tuscan region while touring with Globus tours. Your winery and tasting were some of the most memorable sights on our Italian tour. Our tour guide and host were very affable, and knowledgeable. Thanks for the memories.

Nome: Gary Collins
E-mail: gcollins1156[at]
Messaggio: I have seen your website and our small group of 6 is looking forward to visiting your Castello in May 2011. We are staying in San Gimignano.

Nome: Laura Maestrelli & Dustin Frazier
E-mail: -
Messaggio: Ciao tutti, just wanted to give you a heads-up that we just posted our "Big Night" entry on our travel blog about the feast at Verrazzano. If you want to check it out, here's the link:
What a night! Hope everyone is doing well back home. We're off to Rome today for 5 days then it's arrivederci, Italia. It's gonna be tough to leave, but we'll definitely be back!
Cheers, L&D

Nome: Caron Slimak
E-mail: hrh[at]
Messaggio: I had a marvelous meal at the Cantinetta, as always. Thought you might like to see my blog post. Here is to the very best Tuscan food ever!
Warmest (Cashmere) Regards, Caron Slimak

Nome: Shana Howell
E-mail: skhowell13[at]
Messaggio: My husband and I just took the wine and food tasting tour this last week with Gillian and loved it! The grounds are absolutely beautiful and the tour of the castle and cellars was entertaining, insightful, and fun! Gillian, you are an awesome guide and we loved your playful sense of humor and vast knowledge about not only Verrazzano but wine making in general. The wine and food tasting after the tour was amazing! Learning the proper way to taste and appreciate wine, and knowing how the wine pairs with food was great! We have always wanted to go wine tasting in Tuscany and I am so glad that we chose to do so at Castello di Verrazzano! It truly was a dream come true. I will be recommending this to all my friends and family planning a trip out to Greve!

Nome: Meg and Andy Rotondo
E-mail: megmcg[at]
Messaggio: Castello Verrazzano is heaven on earth! My husband and I visited the vineyards on September 1, 2010 and took the "It's Magic" tour and dinner. Fabrizio was fantastic - he gave us a wonderful tour of the castle, gardens and cellars. And the meal was outstanding! This was our first time in Greve-di-Chianti but we will definitely be back! Thank you so much!!

Nome: Bre Smith e Andrea Gastaldo
E-mail: Brekali21[at]
Messaggio: Bravo Castello di Verrazzano! Grazie mille for a tour and tasting which leaves an impression that will never be forgotten. Gino, you are articulate, intelligent and so full of a passion that I find only in Italy. Our guide Gino, the wine of Verrazzano vineyard, and the sheer beauty of the experience has forever implanted this place in our hearts. Siete sempre nei nostri cuori! I live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY see the Verrazano Bridge every day. I experience it differently now because of you. Thank you for everything. We will be back again! Bre & Andrea

Nome: Janet Vallone
E-mail: felix1[at]
Messaggio: Greetings! My husband, Felix, and I were part of a wine tour group that Frank Aquilino arranged on July 1, 2010. Gino was our host/tour-guide and he made an unforgettable, impressionable impact in our memories. If heaven is what Jesus promised ("in my house there are many mansions") then I want my mansion to be a replica of Castello di Verrazzano; AND, I want Gino to be my angel! Thank you, thank you for our first memorable visit to Tuscany! To quote Gino: "Eat, drink, love strong, and don't be afraid of death!" Janet Vallone

Nome: Dona DeFrancesco
E-mail: dondedon[at]
Messaggio: Our tour was amazing and the spectacular view from the castle, our tour guide was wonderful sorry I cannot remember her name, she was English. Very informative and interesting, I wish we had gone earlier to have the lunch.

Nome: Meg
E-mail: thomasm[at]
Messaggio: What a wonderful place! Gino, thank you for giving us one of the most fulfilling experiences of our entire stay here, it was truly inspiring. Grazie!!!

Nome: Margaret A. Friend
E-mail: revfriend[at]
Messaggio: Dear Friends, I recently enjoyed a visit to Castello di Verrazzano with the Italy by Vespa group. The wonderful joyous tour and the delicious lunch were the highlight of my trip. The countryside and the life you lead are truly gifts from God. May God continue to bless your land and your life. Viva Vino!

Nome: Shannon and Rob
E-mail: rob.reece[at]
Messaggio: We come to Greve almost every year for the Chianti festival and our trip would not be complete without a visit to Verrazzano. We love the tour, the food, the wine and especially the conversation with Gino. I always come home saying I'm going to write a book of your sayings and call it THE TAO of GINO on VINO! :) See you next year!! Rob and Shannon and the Gang

Nome: Victor Gonzalez
E-mail: vgonzo2121[at]
Messaggio: We went to the Cantinetta in Florence last June (2010). we had the opportunity of tasting some delicacies such as boar accompanied with Chianti Classic. The service was great. Our waiter (Jonathan, the man from New Jersey) really made us feel welcome. My family and I had a wonderful time. It was truly one of the highlights of visiting Florence. Ciao, Victor

Nome: Scott Schallock
E-mail: grace1st[at]
Messaggio: My family is traveling to Florence in June 2011. We are looking forward to visiting your Vineyard with great anticipation!

Nome: Louis George Pepe
E-mail: lpepe[at]
Messaggio: We had a wonderful luch there with Gino. Is he still doing luncjeon tours? We would like to return this Fall with 8 people. Lou

Nome: Holly Romenesko
E-mail: hollyromenesko[at]
Messaggio: Last evening we opened up our last bottle of the absolutely amazing aged balsamic vinegar. Each time we serve it with aged parmesan cheese, the response is overwhelming. During our 24 day tour of Italy, Verrazzano was definitely a highlight and enjoying your wine and balsamic vinegar brings back such wonderful memories. Thank you! If you have any distributors in the US, please let us know where we can continue to enjoy our Tuscan treat.

Nome: Patti Welsh
E-mail: patreke[at]
Messaggio: Roberta & everyone, thanks for a great stay. We were lucky enough to stay in the farmhouse for 3 nights in May 2010. What a beautiful spot. I certainly hope to get back someday. The wine tour & dinner was amazing. Flippio lead a super fun evening with excellant food and exceptional wines. Thanks again for everything...I am currently trying to figure out how to get your wines here at home :)

Nome: Jeff Culver
E-mail: culverj_99[at]
Messaggio: Howdy! My parents and I visited your wonderful winery about 1 1/12 years ago and still talk of it constantly. It was truly one of the highlights of a 3 week trip and I long to return and visit you again. Thank you so much for the wonderful time and exquisite memories! We are still enjoying the wine that we purchased on special occasions and each sip takes me back to that wonderful day at the Castello di Verrazzano.

Nome: Joanne Buttigieg
E-mail: geduda81[at]
Messaggio: This was the highlight of my trip to Tuscany...absolutely loved it. As soon as I got home i opened up the balsamico and had some with parmesan cheese - LOVE IT! A big thank you goes to Filippo and every single person that works there!

Nome: Esther Bird
E-mail: brightfuturecoaching[at]
Messaggio: I am scheduled to visit your lovely location on 9/24/10. I am very excited and look forward to being there.

Nome:Pedro Urena
E-mail: pedrourena58[at]
Messaggio: Visite Italia en el 2007 estuve en Roma, Florencia y en Venezia. Fue maravilloso haber conocido El Castello di Verrazzano sus diferentes vinos y su exquisita comida. Pronto estare de regreso y lo visitare de nuevo, si Dios lo permite. Hasta pronto.

Nome: Aline Resner
E-mail: Aline611[at]
Messaggio: My first excursion to Verrazzano was in 1999. It was beautiful and the best education in wineries and vineyards that I've ever had. I was so impressed that I returned in 2005. I've recommended this tour to my children, friends, and family who have taken advantage and agree with my opinion. I plan to return in a few years to enjoy this area for a few months.

Nome: Maria Grace
E-mail: artistcove[at]
Messaggio: I loved the wine and the castle!

Nome: Mercedes Ramirez
E-mail: damadefuego[at]
Messaggio: Espero con emocion la oportunidad de visitarlos el proximo mes de Noviembre. Hasta entonces, Mercedes

Nome: Pamela Phillips
E-mail: sparschu[at]
Messaggio: On behalf of my entire family I wanted to thank everyone at Verrazzanno and especially Felipo for our wonderful visit November 2009. On our first visit to Verrazzano in 2006, my husband had just started pursuing his doctoral degree. He purchased a bottle of Verrazzano Chianti Classico Reserva and determined to only open the bottle on the day he completed his degree. On December 18, 2008, he successfully defended his dissertation and enjoyed his Verrazzano Chianti Classico the same day. Verrazzano winery and wines will always mean celebrations and special to us. Thanks again, Pamela Phillips

Nome: Susan Vicinie
Email: SusanVicinie[at]
Messaggio: My husband and I stayed in the farmhouse in September. What a magnificent experience. the Lunch tour was the highlight of our trip. We would love to be able to purchase your reserva - but can;t find it here. Thanks again for making our stay so wonderful.

Nome: Darryck & Inez Hesketh
Email: dhesketh[at]
Messaggio: We recently had the pleasure of lunch with you as part of a Globus tour and you provided us with a contact here in Ontario, Canada from whom we could order wine: Just thought we woulld let you know we just took delivery of two cases of your 2007 Chianti Classico. The visit to Castello di Verrazzano was one of the highlights of our tour and we're delighted to be able to get your wines in Ontario.

Nome: Massimiliano Carri
Email: massimiliano.carri[at]
Messaggio: Bellissimo Castello

Nome: Scott Barilli
Email: nitetech[at]
Messaggio: Great wine, great food and the most enjoyable time we had in the Chianti region. Take the noon tour and ask for Gino!

Nome: Robyn Stowell
Email: LesMis0612[at]
Messaggio: Just returned from a tour of Italy with Globus and the tour of Castello di Verrazzano was by far the best part of the trip. The grounds are magical and your wine/food superb. I cannot stop thinking about it!! Thanks to Simone for a great tour. I cannot wait to return and stay for a few days - 2 hours is not enough!!

Nome: Stephen Judge
Email: sejudge[at]
Messaggio: Toured your winery in July 2007. Just found your Chianti Classico at a store in Ardmore PA and bought all the bottles they had. We look forward to sharing your fantastic wine with the family that traveled to Tuscanny with us and remember the great memories of the BEST day we had in Italy.

Nome: Antonella
Email: antonella_shueydom.[at]
Messaggio: We were went to Italy July, 2008 with our family of 10! We toured Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan. The highlight of our trip was the tour at Verrazzano! This was a wonderful tour. The food and wine were spectacular. Gillian was our tour guide and she was very knowedgeable. I enjoyed her passion for wine. Thank you!

Nome: Pharma109
Messaggio: Very nice site!

Nome: Cheryl DAvis
Messaggio: I came on 14th february 2007 with my daughter for her wedding had a lovely time enjoyed my visit and especially our guide he was so entertaining and thew wine was fabulous

Nome: Jean Fisher
Messaggio: My husband & I had a wonderful tour & a wonderful time when we visited your winery this summer. We have info on many of your wines, olive oil & vinegars, but we're trying to find the name of a spice blend that we purchased. If you have a list of your spices, perhaps we would recognize the name. We're very anxious to learn if we could order spices from your winery or from your restaurant. Your products are exceptionally good--excellent! Thank you for your assistance. Jean Fisher

Nome: Davide Calusi
Email: d.calusi[at]
Messaggio: Saluti da un vostro ex dipendente

Nome: Barbara Marsula
Email: FLPA14[at]
Messaggio: We have visited 4 times with Michael and George and on our own. The last time in March. This time shipped some to our son. He wants to know where he can buy or order in the United States. Thank you.

Nome: Frank and JoAnn Donlon
Email: frankdonlon[at]
Messagio: Gino... Thank you so very much for an outstanding afternoon at Castello di Verrazzano. Your passion, knowledge and love of your wine, your country and your culture have rubbed off on us both. It was also a delight for us to meet your lovely wife and children. We look forward to a return trip sometime in the near future. Molto grazie... Frank and JoAnn Donlon P.S. Perhaps the next trip will be with Bruno?!

Nome: Pat D'Aversa
Email: pdaversa[at]
Messaggio: Are there any places in the USA to purchase your wines?? We went to your beautiful winery and tasted wonderful wines. We need the list of distributers in the USA, thank you. Pat D'Aversa

Nome: Elizabeth
Email: ehallnc[at]
Messaggio: We did the tour/tasting lunch on our honeymoon in 2004 and it was a highlight of our trip through Italy! Everytime I go into a wine shop I look for Verrazzano. (I have only found it once, and I do not live anywhere near that shop) I agree with those who want to see it more in the US... Total Wine should be carrying it!!! I especially want to buy some 2004 as it was growing when we were there!

Nome: Dan and Shelley Gura
Email: valricodan[at]
Messaggio: We were in Florence for our honeymoon back in July of 2008. This tour was the highlight of our trip. Everything was beautiful and we had a great time. Our tour guide was Gillian and she was GREAT. I work in the States in Guest Service and I was very impressed with her. She made us feel welcome and went above and beyond. I will have recommended this tour to anyone visiting the area. Thanks so much and we hope to see you soon!!!

Nome: Jen
Email: hinton[at]
Messaggio: My husband and I had a wonderful time last fall at your winery. We are enjoying a bottle of the Chianti Classico this evening and it tastes as good as when we were in Italy! Our friends love the taste of your balsamic vinegar. Please distribute your products through Total Wine & More in the US. We'd love to enjoy your wine more often.

Nome: Gianluigi
Email: gigi8019[at]
Messaggio: Un saluto a tutti gli abitanti del castello delle meraviglie. In particolare al miglior cantiniere del mondo, Anelito, e alla su moglie Enza. E visto che ci siamo salutatemi pure i cinghiali. Ciao

Nome: Tina
Email: tina.pruett[at]
Messaggio: Gino! Thank you so much for one of the biggest highlights of our three weeks in Italy! I loved the tour, loved your passion, and loved the wine! I will definitely make a point to return should I make it back to Italy! Ciao!

Nome: Karen Zeedyk
Email: zeek816[at]
Messaggio: Gino, what a wonderful staff you have!!! The wine tour was excellent, the wine was outstanding! We loved it! See you in a few years!

Nome: Rick Green
Email: RickMG[at]
Messaggio: Gino, just wanted to say how happy my wife and I were with the tour on October 13, 2008, of your great winery. Filippo was the perfect host as he really knew and loved the business and answered every question that was thrown at him. I wish we could've spent a few more minutes with you instead of having to be rushed to the tour because we were a few minutes late (our electric was out and the gate wouldn't open). Anyway, we loved it. Thank you very much. Rick Green St. Louis, MO U.S.A

Nome: Christopher & Adrienne Dawson
Email: cddawson[at]
Messaggio: My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Roberta in late October during our vacation, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The wines were excellent...and just the beginning! Your balsamic vinegar, honey, and grappa were all fantastic as well. Also, we know Roberta is very happy with the outcome of our election! We also had a positively delightful dining experience in your cantinetta in Florence. My wife has coeliac disease, and Johnathan made us feel right at home, serving up prosciutto-stuffed chick pea bread, delicious chianti riserva, and plenty of humor and hospitality. Of all the places we sampled during our two weeks in Italy and Paris, this was easily the best dining experience of all. Thank you, all of you, so much!

Nome: paulina kimball
Email: pkimball[at]
Messaggio: we loved your vineyard, and we adored your red wines!! please sell more in the USA!! We are having the minituscan rosso right now. It goes perfectly with our steak and corn on the cob and much much more :)

Nome: Patricia Sullivan
Email: psullivan1943[at]
Messaggio: What a wonderful day at the Castello. Thank you for the great hospitality and superb wine experience. June, 2008 - Globus

Nome: Mike and Marcy Boungiorno
Email: mboungiorno[at]
Messaggio: Verrazzano is our favorite place to visit. When we lived in Napoli and friends and family would come for a visit Castello di Verrazzano was one of the must places to go. We will be back in Italy in November to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and we are planning a return visit to enjoy the people, the landscape, the food; and of course, the wine.

Nome: Dennis & Beryl Bedford
Email: dshbedford[at]
Messaggio: We visited with our friends, Andy and Dee, this May - 4 English people from Spain! and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our thanks to Roberta for all her local information and to Gino for sharing his enthusiasm for the Verrazzano wines. We are sure to return in the future.

Nome: Andy and Dee Miller
Email: andyaturcal[at]
Messaggio: We and our friends the Bedfords truly enjoyed our 4 day stay in your beautiful surroundings, Gino and Roberta were both very funny and informative, they truly made us so welcome one day we will return.

Nome: Jan Geir Hansen
Email: jan.geir.hansen[at]
Messaggio: Hello, I am going to have lunch at Castello di Verrazzano 25 april. Looking forward to taste your food and wine. Best regards from Jan Geir

Nome: PuppyHaup
Email: alcoh1002[at]
Messaggio: Greetings to everyone !! You always interestingly. Just in a theme. It is better, than to write the report about ,undoubtedly. Bye! So long!

Nome: Ballaman Carole
Email: elettra7[at]
Messaggio: Grazie mille per la bella presentazione di ieri e il pranzo quasi divino !!! Dal gruppo svizzero dell'opera di Friborgo, Carole Ballaman & family / 4 maggio 2008

Nome: Jan Geir Hansen
Email: jan.geir.hansen[at]
Messaggio: I visited verrazzano with my group from Norway 27.04.2008. Fantastic place, very nice staff. My most fantastic day with food and wine ever.

Nome: Roger Huddle
Email: roger.huddle[at]
Messaggio: Lunch at the 'Cantinetta', the wine, food and fantastic welcoming staff, made our stay in Florence more wonderful. Grazie Roger and Lorraine Now to find the wine here in London

Nome: joanne weisser mancini
Email: jw734[at]
Messaggio: It is approaching one year since I visited Verrazzano winery through a tour arranged with my daughter's study abroad program, API. Gillian Maddalena was our executive wine tour guide who was excellent-actually outstanding. I am missing your vineyard, wine, and the smells of Tuscany.

Nome: Marilynn Oliver
Email: jonmaroliver[at]
Messaggio: Visited in 2007, January. Will see you in 2009 for Deb's eight day trip. Still enjoying the olive oil and honey!

Nome: Michael J
Email: mfj138[at]
Messaggio: Iam a friend of Camren's and she told me of your website it is very nice and hopefully someday I will get to see the winery in person.

Nome: Haakan K
Email: hkkrm[at]
Messaggio: We just tasted a bottle of wine from Verrazzano together with some dear friends, watching pictures from our journey to Tuscany in April and New York in October. Nice memories and nice wine, and an interesting website. Thank you.

Nome: Tiffany Reymer
Email: tiffanyr76[at]
Messaggio: Bringing back your wine to the United States was my most favorite treasure.
The Sassello is wonderful! We had so much fun tasting wild boar and your other wines. Thank you for the memory. Yes, hopefully we will be back in year 2025 for our bottle we left with you!

Nome: R.L. Cubley
Email: rcubley[at]
Messaggio: We visited the Castello di Verrazzano in the Chianti region when we were cruising the Mediterranean with the Freedom Alliance. It was the highlight of our trip. Gillian was our guide and was delightful and very good. We had a tasting, with food, wine and the delicious olive oils. ... Thank you, we had a wonderful time and hope to return again soon.

Nome: Tracy Strahn
Email: lateiswhatiam[at]
Messaggio: We can't wait to visit again. Well done Verrazzano Family!

Nome: Steve Richey
Email: d9dozer[at]
Messaggio: This is a place of enchantment. The valley below the castle is peaceful and serene. The olive trees and vines made me ache to work amoung them. The restaurant seved the best Italian meal I've ever had. The wine was great! Some places in the world add to your life. This is one of them.

Nome: Joy Silverman
Email: joys[at]
Messaggio: Our trip at the end of September 2007 to the Verrazzano winery was the highlight of our 11 days in Italy. Thank you to Gino and Fabrizio for sharing with us their passion for food and wine and the history of Castello di Verrazzano. The wine and food for lunch were delicious, and we were thrilled to be able to bring home a taste of the Chianti region. We will return one day!

Nome: Mauri and Gary Collins
Email: mauricoll[at]
Messaggio: Our adventure at the Verrazzano Winery in October 2007 was amazing! Gillian was a wonderful guide. Our trip to Italy's fondest memories will be of our tour to Verrazzano! Such a wonderful, relaxing and informative day! We will defiantly recommend it to anyone traveling to Italy! Your wines, food and hospitality were wonderful! Thank you! We hope to return someday soon!

Nome: Nancy and Rick Kendall
Email: kendallrn[at]
Messaggio: Wonderful experience, excellent wine (especially the Super Tuscan). Fantastic lunch, educational, in a wonderful area of the Chianti region. Thanks, Gino...great tour...a pleasure meeting you.

Nome: Mark Johnson
Email: mjphoto45[at]
Messaggio: Bene Fatto!

Nome: mary serrano
Email: heymps[at]
Messaggio: We visited the winery this past Sept 2007. The lunch experience wwas delicious. The guided tour was grand. The Sassello wine was served with the pecorino cheese and a fruit spread. That was delicious. Hope to be back soon!!!

Nome: Michael Petronaci
Email: mpetronaci[at]
Messaggio: This past September 2007 was our second visit to Castello di Verrazzano. We were so happy the first time we had to make it our business to come back again. The wine, food and hospitality were as wonderful as the first time. We will be back!

Nome: Karen Pace
Email: dallipace[at]
Messaggio: We are so happy to have visited the Castello di Verrazzano. Our tour leader Gino was great ! It was really great to have met and dined with people from other countries. It was the best experience during our holiday in Italy. Keep it up! ! and Well Done !!!!

Nome: Frances Patmon
Email: chuaf24[at]
Messaggio: We were fortunate to have taken part in the executive tour with Gillian this past September 2007. Another couple had canceled so we took their place. My husband and I enjoyed our time at the winery immensely! It was by far one of the highlights of our European vacation. Gillian was amazing and very gracious, she is an absolute gem! We hope to return in the future, thanks again!

Nome: Marisa O’Donnell
Email: Marisa2123[at]
Messaggio: My husband I had took a tour of your winery on our honeymoon this August 2007 with our tour group from Globus. We had a fabulous experience and we are still talking about our time with friends and family. The only problem is that we are almost finished with the wine we purchased. Thanks you for the incredible memories!!

Nome: Nicole
Email: nikki723[at]
Messaggio: Visited your winery last week. Jillian will remember us as the Solomon's from NY or "Siena"! We had such a great time and agree this was the highlight of our trip to Italy. We really hope to come back someday. Thank you for the wonderful memories!

Nome: Carlo
Email: carlo.pagliacci[at]
Messaggio: Gente vera, che produce cose magnifiche, in un ambiente inimitabile. Dopo essere stati a Verrazzano uno si chiede: cosa vuoi più dalla vita? Torneremo presto

Nome: Stefano Ulissi
Email: ulissi[at]
Messaggio: Grazie la vostra ospitalita' !!!

Nome: Gabriella & Istvan
Email: info[at]
Messaggio: Loved - loved Verrazzano, We'd just arrived Greve when you had the wine festival. Tried a lot, but you were the best, many thanks for your kind attantion and degustatione Fabrizio!
Best regards: Gabriella & Istvan - Hungarian restaurant owner couple

Nome: Susan Spaniol
Email: stspaniol[at]
Messaggio: I visited the toured in the middle of August with my husband and 2 kids. Simone gave us a wonderful tour... We'd love to come back some day.

Nome: Jennifer Cinotto
Email: jlcinotto[at]
Messaggio: I toured the vineyard in early august and it was fabulous. I brought a couple of bottles of wine back to the states with me. Look forward to the next time I can come out!!!!

Nome: KayLeigh Chapman
Email: kathryn_leigh[at]
Messaggio: When I was twelve, my grandparents took me on a tour of Europe. We stayed at the Castello di Verrazzano for a week, and after five years, it is still the most memorable part of my trip. Just this afternoon as I was tasting a slice of cheese I had just bought, my first thought was that it would be perfect with the Balsamico that I bought at the Castello di Verrazzano. I'll never forget the beautiful scenery or the hospitality that Gino and Kathleen showed to us. Thank you!

Nome: Lil Del Ponte
Email: kurrlyq[at]
Messaggio: We were at your winery on 7/27/07 and would like to thank everyone for your assistance when my father-in-law tripped and hurt his hand. Everyone was so helpful! We especially would like to thank Jillian for her assistance transporting my father-in-law and sister-in-law from the clinic to our hotel. You were most gracious. We continue to enjoy the wine here in Wisconsin! Again, thank you for all you did for us. Lil Del Ponte

Nome: Roberto & Myriam Milo
Email: subterrainia[at]
Messaggio: We were referred by friends who stayed at castello di verrazzano, we had an amazing time, the wine and food was absolutely D.O.C.G in my book in the true TUSCAN way. Grazie mille to Roberta, simone, fabrizio and the whole staff at Verrazano. Ciao a presto Roberto e Myriam (Montreal Canada)

Nome: Kathy Lucas
Email: kathyl413[at]
Messaggio: We were part of a group from the U.S. and had lunch at your fabulous winery. I would say, the highlight of our trip. Everything was superb. We bought your delightful Balsamico.

Nome: leonardo
Email: leonardo.fallerini[at]
Messaggio: Grazie per l'accoglienza a Cantine Aperte e complimenti per l'affascinante atmosfera e il calore vostro e dei vostri vini. Ci rivedremo senz'altro!

Name: Charles & Carla Cavaiani
Email: cav[at]
Message: Been to Castello di Verrazzano twice -- cannot wait to go back. All the wines are magnifico!!!!!

Name: Dora and Olivier
Email: dora[at]
Message: We were part of the Telus Group from Canada - Had a great time, the food was unbeleivable - the wine even better. Came home with 7 bottles. We are definatley will be back for more.

Name: beaune tam
Email: beaune1314[at]
Message: i hope go to travel florence for may 2008 .loved the wine and this place !

Name: Mo
Email: mozilly[at]
Message: I went to the Cantinetta in Florence over November-December 2006 visit. This place was a quiet refuge in the afternoons and I could go back every day! Loved the wine and the great salty crackers!

Nome: simone brustenghi
Email: simone[at]
Messaggio: la visita al vostro castello è stata davvero molto interessante. Grazie per la splendida giornata all'insegna del buon vino!
Simone e Alessandra

Name: JP Briggs
Email: Metallinut_one[at]
Message: Just visited Il Castello this past week (April 2007). Missed some of the tour from being late, but had a wonderful lunch! Got tasting lessons from Gino, the friend of Vino! Absolutely beautiful countryside, and incredible wine! Great balsamic too!!!
Thanks so much!

Name: Gina Marie Cassano
Email: gina_cassano[at]
Message: 4/2007 I recently visited the vineyard and it was beautiful! Although my group arrived late in the day (after closing), we were welcomed by a very handsome man who was warm, friendly and accomodating. Although we didn't get to see the castle, it is my plan to return in the near future.
Gina from NY

Name: Imanuel Zinner
Email: Emiliozin[at]
Message: Cantinetta in Florence !!!!!Great great !!!! Great place.....But, any chance do you have the adress ?????

Name: Nancy Fleming
Email: nancy.fleming[at]
Message: I have visited Verrazzano three times, first in March of 2002, then March 2003, and again in March 2006. I recommend the winery to all of my friends who plan a trip to this beautiful region. Gino has hosted and entertained us during each visit, and we very much enjoyed his humor, knowledge, hospitality, and, of course, the wonderful wine and food. If we're lucky enough to visit Italy again, we will continue the "tradition" of visiting beautiful Verrazzano. Thanks!

Name: gianluigi
Email: gigi8018[at]
Message: un saluto ad Anelito, il miglior cantiniere di tutta la Toscana!

Name: leslie dubiellak
Email: l_dubiellak[at]
Message: loved the website - cannot wait visit

Name: Katherine Weatherall
Email: kathy_weatherall[at]
Message: I visited Castello di Verrazzano (for the second time) with my mom and sister as part of a Globus tour last. Many thanks for Jillian for her wonderful tour! A truly unforgettable day. Drank my last bottle of 1999 Chianti Classico Riserva on New Year's Eve!

Name: Carl & Shelly Courneya
Email: carl[at]
Message: My wife and I spent 11 nights at Verrazzano over Christmas 2006 and New Years and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and really enjoyed the people who work at the winery. Roberta was a big help getting us situated and feeling at home in the apartment and she took some time on our first day to show us around Greve so we could get our bearings. She went out of her way to help make us feel welcome. The winery tour was excellent and we really enjoyed Gino's involvement. We would have loved to have been able to take a cooking course at Verrazzano and would suggest that you consider that for your guests. We visited your Cantinetta in Florence a few times and enjoyed meeting Fabio and sampling some wonderful edible treats paired with your different vino rosso. We are very interested in obtaining/purchasing some promotional Varrazzano clothing if possible. We did not see anything during our stay but wanted to ask you if it would be possible to obtain/purchase items for my wife and I? Thank you again for the signed poster and the wonderful time we had in Greti...please pass along our thanx to everyone at the winery.

Email: evs1872[at]
Message: We visited back in 2005 and enjoyed the tour. My family and I live in Switzerland and were there with many family members from the USA (FL and IL). Worth the visit...we hope to return again soon. Enjoy!

Name: Sam & GIna Pisano
Email: gina.pisano[at]
Message: We were there to visit in October 2006 and found it an exceptional tour, and our guide Jilian? was knowledgeable and humorous. The wine, balsamic vinegar, and EVOO we purchased were wonderful, and the food served was just as good. The adventure will be remembered for years to come. We will make the trip there again sometime in the future. We highly recommend the tour.

Name: Tom & Arlene McPhail
Email: tmcphail[at]
Message: Had a rousing good time at our visit to the winery in October with a Globus tour. Found a bottle of CClasico at Cantoro's Market in Livonia, MI, USA which we enjoyed at a Christmas dinner with family. Have another bottle which we will open on the anniversary of our wonderful tour of Italy. Ciao!

Name: Elaine and Brad Ausmus
Email: Colorado Springs
Message: Geno, or is it Gino, was amazing! Loved his enthusiasm and advice on how to enjoy our favorite wines. Sept. was the best month to visit this beautiful winery. A must see.

Name: Jason & Christie McCarthy
Email: cepperly81[at]
Message: My husband and I visited the winery with BMW in September of this year. We had an amazing time, the food was wonderful and the wine incredible. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality we will forever remember our time there.

Name: Jesse & Dawn Bugbee
Email: vtlex[at]
Message: Like any good vintage, the memories of our wonderful visit to the winery last September get better with age...

Name: Ed Graham
Email: sailjudyg[at]
Message: great fun.enjoyed the wine and delicious food. thanks

Name: Bill & Debbi Berit
Email: bill[at]
Message: Thank you for the great time on our visit. Please keep us inform about new wines.

Name: Walt Marini
Email: wmandmj[at]
Message: We had the pleasure of touring and tasting at your winery on Oct 18. It was just wonderful. We happened to be with Geno and Luiggi came in to tell him some American statesmen were arriving. To our surprise we surprised a gentleman from Illinois. It was so funny! We had a great time and enjoyed the wine and tour. A must for all in the area. Congratulations on having a very classy winery.

Name: marie fischer
Email: mtctravel[at]
Message: visited your winery on Oct. 31 with a group of 20 of my special clients it was the best... food, wine and olive oil we have ever tasted and the view to die for don't miss this spot and also simeon was great with the tour as well.. a spot not to be missed

Name: Jeanette Leonard
Email: jansuzy163[at]
Message: I was at your castle on October 27. I enjoyed my tour. The food and wine were excellent. As a native New Yorker, I was glad to finally trace the history of our New York bridge with Italy. I hope to come back. ...I will attempt to find your wines here in New York.

Name: Karen Zeedyk
Email: zeek816[at]
Message: Wonderful wine, excellent food!!

Name: Rutger Backe
Email: rutger.backe[at]
Message: Thanks for a very good vine.

Name: Anna Cariati
Email: anna.cariati[at]
Message: Complimenti per la vostra offerta enoturistica: è davvero di qualità. Visita guidata interessantissima e alloggio in agriturismo davvero confortevole e rilassante!