Balsamic Vinegar

The balsamic dressing Verrazzano is obtained from the slow fermentation and acidification of the Trebbiano grape, cooked on fire without any other substance added. It then ages in a set of small barrels (from l. 75 up to l. 10), made with several valuable woods (robinia, mulberry, chestnut wood, oak, cherry wood, ash) for many years, until it reaches the wished syrupy density. Complex and harmonic taste in acidity, velvety.

Bittersweet, pleasant aromatic. Intense scent, but balanced and pleasant with aromas from the several woods of the barrels. Fruity hints tough the long ageing.

This dressing can be used in several ways in the cuisine: “pinzimonio”, crudités, roast meet, boiled, omelettes, but also for wonderful coupling with seasoned cheese as Grana or for more particular combinations, such as ice-cream or strawberries.

Size: 100 ml