Chianti Classico DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chianti Classico DOP extra virgin olive oil has an intense green colour with golden reflexes. Fruity scent of olives and vegetal hint. Very well bodied, very harmonic. Extremely fine but with a strong character at the same time, characterized by dietary and healthy features. Manufactured only with olives from the non-irrigated olive groves of the property, in the heart of Chianti Classico.

Production area: Greve in Chianti Soil: prevalence of limestone
Olive varieties: Frantoio 40%, Moraiolo 35%, Correggiolo 15%, Leccino 10%
Olive groves extension: 12 Ha. (specialized)
Olive groves altitude: 350 m. a.s.l.
Quantity of olive trees: 3131, of which 558 survived the frost of 1985, 1465 grown from scions, 500 replanted on new plots, 608 replanted as replacements.
Crushing: cold crushing. Extraction by cold pressing with centrifugal separation of water in vegetation.
Organoleptic analysis: fruity scent of olives and vegetal, herbaceous, green hint. Intense green colour with golden reflexes. Artichoke-heart taste. Very well bodied, very harmonic. Typical of Chianti hills.
Storage: stored in stainless steel containers (Hl 2.5) at a constant temperature (15°C) replacing the historical orciaia with earthenware jars which remains open to the visitors of the winery. Three decantings every 2 months. Cotton filtration.
Sizes: 250 ml – 500 ml